is the unique decentralized virtual and crypto asset exchange that runs on smart contracts by Ethereum.

When a client places his tokens or coins on a traditional centralized exchange, he is exposed to the risks associated with the bankruptcy of the exchange, its break-up by hackers, unjustified claims from the financial monitoring services, etc.

Our exchange works automatically, without the participation of a human. You send tokens or coins to a smart contract address, from which they can only go to the address of the counterparty, provided sending them the appropriate amount you need, or return to you after a specified period of time, unless a corresponding counterclaim appears. Just you can deposit, withdraw or trade.

Traditional exchanges are limited with their own listings, and it is often difficult for prospective coins and tokens to undergo a bureaucratic and corrupt procedure. On our exchange you can convert everything for everything: any tokens and any coins.

The code of the smart contract of the exchange is completely transparent and accessible for audit by anyone at any time.

Our exchange provides customers with total anonymity. You do not need to give us any personal information, even the user name.